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Latina in HR

All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

A message from Katie

Katie Ryan

Discovering the HR field may have been accidental, but my aspirations to become a prominent HR leader is intentional. In HR, you have the ability to influence culture, leadership, and values; the vital pillars for creating safe and inclusive workplaces. 


In navigating this field, something that stood out is that there is not enough representation of Latinx leaders in executive HR roles. I want to challenge those odds.


To rise into leadership, it requires you to push new boundaries, to seek guidance from others, and to continuously be open to challenge perceptions. I'm paving my own unique path as an HR Anthropologist. This personal website is meant to document my stories navigating a career path as a bilingual HR professional, in the hopes it serves as guidance to aspiring HR Latinx leaders. Sigue adelante!

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